Floset (Terminal Unit Valve Sets)

We offer pre-assembled Fan Coil Unit Valve Sets (FCU Valve Sets) that can be directly mounted onto the FCU unit from any manufacturer including PICV, ABV 4-Port and Commissioning 4 Port Fan Coil Unit Valve Sets, fully compliant with BSRIA BG29/21. Whether it is a standard or highly customised FCU Valve Set, the FloControl FCU Valve Package Assembly is being supplied on the shortest lead time in the market. The Compact PICV and ABV-4 Port Fan Coil Valve Package is easy to select and is supplied pre-assembled, tested, set and ready to fit. The FCU Valve Set fits directly onto the FCU Unit with 40mm centres over the FCU drip tray. Either vertically or horizontally configured, the Compact Fan Coil Valve Package Range is particularly suited for small spaces and slim line units.

While prefabricated FCU Valve Package Assembly solutions have gained traction in the industry, there is little consensus on terminology. Below is a glossary used in the industry to refer to prefabricated FCU Valve Package Assembly solutions.


  • Dominator Valve
  • Dominator Valve Set
  • Fan Coil Hook Up
  • Fan Coil Unit Valve
  • Fan Coil Valve Package
  • Flushing Bypass Arrangement
  • Flypass
  • H Block
  • Miniflush
  • Valve Arrangement
  • Valve Assembly
  • Valve Package
  • Xterminator

The “Dominator” in Dominator Valve (Set) actually is a manufacturer trade mark, registered 20 years ago, which is widely used as a category name.

Fan Coil Hook Up, Flypass and Miniflush are examples of manufacturer names for the Fan Coil Valve Package or refer to some of the functionality of the Valve Arrangement, e.g. Flushing Bypass Arrangement.

Bottom line, the different terms all refer to the same functionality of controlling the terminal unit and offering flushing & isolation options as a minimum.

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