FloSet 80 PICV

Pressure Independent Control for remote system mounting. Comprises FlowCon Flushing By-Pass on 80mm centres, 5 modes of operation including full system isolation; FlowCon Flow Venturi Metering Station + 5% accuracy, with integrated Test Point and fitted with Combined PT Plug & Drain and optional FlowCon IVC strainer in the Flow Branch. FlowCon Green Pressure Independent Control Valve with an externally adjustable, removable Insert, with an integrated Test Point & Combined PT Plug & Drain Valve fitted before the PICV, self-calibrating full stroke IP54-rated FN 24V 0(2)-10V Electric Modulating Actuator in the Return Branch. Female threaded system connections. Optional: Blank cap for flushing.

FloSet 80 PICV
  • Heating & Cooling Duty 0˚C – +110˚C
  • Static pressure 25 Bar maximum (strainer assemblies 20 Bar)
  • Differential pressure up to 800 kPa depending upon PICV insert selection
  • Pressure Independent Automatic Balancing and Control
  • Adjustable control characteristic (linear or equal percentage)
  • Actuator 360° mountable
  • Drain & Test Points in the flow and return
  • Flow rates 0.005 – 1.29 l/s, 41 settings per insert type (6 types in total) for superior accuracy
  • Line sizes DN15-25
  • Fully tested, labelled, cross-referenced to schedule, with QR code link to technical data
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