FloSet Kit

The recent supply chain disruptions have led to building services projects increasingly considering phased installations of heating and cooling systems. FloSet Kit is supplied as two separate packages enabling contractors to finish the installation, fill and flush the system (First Fit) and to install the PICV & drain valve later on the terminal unit over the standard drip tray, providing greater flexibility to deliver projects on time. A wide choice of FCU and system connections is available to suit any pipework. Once FloSet Kit is fully installed and connected the solution is fully BSRIA BG29/21 compliant.

The First Fit Kit comprises a 2 Union By-Pass on 80mm centres and a venturi metering station in the return branch, 2 system fittings and 2 blank caps. Strainer optional in the flow branch. The FCU Kit comprises a Green PICV fitted with a combined P/T Plug & Drain and FNP.0.2 actuator in the return branch and a combined P/T Plug & Drain in the flow branch. The First Fit & FCU Kits can be connected with copper pipe or flexible connections, with different fitting options. All component parts are from FlowCon.

FloSet Kit
  • Heating & Cooling Duty 0˚C – +120˚C
  • Static pressure 25 Bar maximum (strainer assemblies 20 Bar)
  • Differential pressure up to 800 kPa depending upon PICV insert selection
  • Pressure Independent Automatic Balancing and Control
  • Adjustable control characteristic (linear or equal percentage)
  • Actuator 360° mountable
  • Drain & Test Points in the flow and return
  • Flow rates 0.005 – 0.736 l/s, 41 settings per insert type (5 types in total) for superior accuracy
  • Line sizes DN15-20
  • Fully testedlabelled, cross-referenced to schedule, with QR code link to technical data
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