Automatic Balancing Constant Flow Valves

FloControl offers exclusively in the UK the widest range of FLowCon Automatic Balancing Valve (Constant Flow Valve) systems, specifically designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing and constant flow control of Heating & Cooling systems, irrespective of fluctuating system pressure conditions. FlowCon introduced the Automatic Balancing Valve back in 1960 through Griswold Controls in the USA and has been market leader in the dynamic HVAC segment since. The Dynamic Balancing Valve range covers valves from 1/2” threaded and up to 1000mm flanged, adjustable or pre-set, for flow rates up to 2287 l/s.

A Dynamic Balancing Valve system or Constant Flow Valve system ensures the design flow will not be exceeded regardless of pressure fluctuations. Suitable for any commercial and industrial building heating or cooling application or infrastructure projects.
Dynamic balancing is a completely pressure independent process that protects downstream systems from overflow or starvation, even at partial loads. The valves and equipment in a Dynamic Balancing Valve system will retain their efficiency, transfer the correct temperature and deliver the right indoor temperature with the lowest possible energy consumption. What’s more, FlowCon Constant Flow Valve systems do not require additional length of straight pipe before and after the Balancing Valve (no piping restrictions), are easy to install and to commission (reduced installation and almost zero commissioning time) with a low minimum ΔP. The FlowCon Balancing Valve range offers great flexibility through its wide range of flow rates and removable inserts.

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