End Of Line ABV Valve Set

Provides a controlled by-pass to prevent a Branch Dead Leg with E-Just Automatic Balancing Valve fitted. Maintains the design Branch Temperature at low Terminal Unit flow rates. Takes full advantage of the modular removable Automatic Balancing Valve and Constant Flow Valve insert design.

Can be supplied with internally or externally adjustable FlowCon ABV Valves. The internally adjustable Composite ABV Valve range covers flow rates from 0.0081 – 1.43 l/s. The externally adjustable E-Just ABV Valve range covers flow rates from 0.0278 – 4.48 l/s. Across both ABV Valve types, FlowCon ABV Valves offer over 430 set points, hence highest accuracy.

End Of Line ABV Valve Set

Pre-fabricated Automatic Balancing Valve assembly comprising:

  • FlowCon Composite ABV1 or E-Just Automatic Balancing Valve Insert
  • Effebi full bore Ball Valve

Pressure Rating: PN25

Temperature Rating: -10°C – 110°C

Material: DZR & nickel-plated brass

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