FloSet Total

FloSet Total offers total versatility. It is the most complete solution in the market for pressure independent automatic balancing and control.
Comprises FlowCon Flushing By-Pass on 40mm centres, 5 modes of operation including full isolation of the coil and high Kvs by-pass for full velocity system flush fitted with Automatic Air Vent; FlowCon Strainer with integrated Test Point and fitted with Combined PT Plug & Drain in the Flow Branch; FlowCon Green Pressure Independent Control Valve with an externally adjustable, removable Insert, fitted with an integrated Test Point & Combined PT Plug & Drain Valve before the PICV and FlowCon Flow Venturi Metering Station (+ 5% accuracy), with 2 integrated Test Points in the Return Branch. The valve set is supplied with a FlowCon self-calibrating full stroke IP54-rated Electric Actuator for either modulating or raise lower applications as well as Union Solder FCU Connections for direct mounting onto the Fan Coil Unit over the drip tray. Female threaded system-side connections.

FloSet Total
  • Fully BSRIA BG29/21 compliant
  • Heating & Cooling Duty -10˚C – +120˚C
  • Static pressure 25 Bar maximum (Automatic Air Vent 10 Bar)
  • Differential pressure up to 800 kPa depending upon PICV insert selection
  • Separate PICV maximum flow setting and full stroke control at all flow rate settings
  • Adjustable control characteristic (linear or equal percentage)
  • Actuator 360° mountable
  • Accurate flow measurement at the terminal unit
  • Drain & Test Points in the flow and return
  • Flow rates 0.005 – 0.4 l/s, 41 settings per insert type (5 types in total) for superior setting accuracy
  • Low PICV hysteresis for enhanced repeatability
  • Line sizes DN15-20
  • Flow and return branches are equal length
  • Union connections on all joints
  • Fully tested, labelled, cross-referenced to schedule, with QR code link to technical data
  • Vertical & horizontal configuration to fit over the drip tray
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