Floset 29

For the past 10 years FloControl have supplied the most compact pre-assembled FCU PICV Valve Set to mount directly onto fan coil units from any manufacturer. We are able to offer PICV Valve Arrangements with a variety of system connections and features including strainers, automatic air vents, flushing valves and drain, fully compliant with BRSRIA BG29/21.

All FCU PICV Valve Set arrangements are built and tested in the UK. The pre-assembled FCU PICV Valve Set increases the efficiency and reduces complexity on-site. The PICV Valve Set from FloControl is available through most UK Fan Coil Manufacturers or directly from FloControl.

The PICV Valve Arrangement includes the innovative 3 in 1 FlowCon PICV and actuator, designed to use full stroke control with 41 maximum flow rate settings per valve type, altogether covering flow rates from 0.00482 – 0.736 l/s, suitable for heating and cooling applications [-20°C to +120°C].

Floset 29
  • Flushing By-Pass assembly on 40mm centres to fit over extended drip tray.
  • Vertically or horizontally configured.
  • Blank cap for flushing through the assembly.
  • PT Plug & Combined PT Plug & Drain on PICV to aide system balancing.
  • Removable PICV Insert for flushing and easy replacement.
  • FCU connections included as standard.
  • A wide selection of system and flexible hose connections available.
  • Union connections at all joints for easy valve alignment and removal.
  • Strainer, Flow Measurement, Union Drain valves off the shelf.
  • Wide range of Electric and Thermal Actuators.
  • Labelled, cross-referenced to the schedule, terminal unit and location in the building.

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