FloSet Mini

Due to its small size, FloSet Mini is well-suited for Radiant Panel and Trench Heater applications. The patented Afriso/Gampper Vario-DP valve insert automatically limits and maintains the flow rate, independent of system pressure fluctuations. Irrespective of how many other valves are exercised within the system, the PIRV will always provide the pre-set flow rate to the terminal unit, without any further control elements with 100% authority.



FloSet Mini
  • Static Pressure10 Bar
  • Working Temperature -10°C to 120°C
  • Size Range DN15-20
  • Control Range 20—70 kPa
  • Flowrate Range 0.006—0.094 l/s [20—340 l/h]
  • Standard fixed ISO female threaded
  • Linear flow rate adjustment up to 340 l/h
  • Tamper-proof flow rate setting
  • Accurate flow measurement verification at the terminal unit
  • Suitable for system and terminal unit flushing with a flush/drain point in the flow
  • Supplied set, individually labelled to schedule & terminal unit, ready to fit
  • 100% tested
  • Material: DZR brass and Chrome-plated brass


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