AHU Valves – FloSet 105

Designed for terminal units that service larger areas within a building such as Air Handling Units or CRAC Units, the AHU Valve Package supports higher flow rates. The AHU Valve Package incorporates any of the threaded larger-size PICV Valves up to 2″ diameter, typically Green.2 or Green.3, a 2-Union flushing bypass, strainer & drain and can be mounted directly on the terminal unit, on 80mm or 105mm centres. Each AHU Valve Package is tested, labelled and set, ready to fit.

Pressure independent control AHU Valves significantly reduce the energy consumption and operating cost and increase the building’s overall energy performance. Pressure independent control AHU Valves will react to system pressure changes and regulate the flow of hot or cold water to the required flow by adjusting the actuator position, accurately controlling the AHU, even with pressure changes and at reduced loads.

AHU Valves – FloSet 105
  • Pressure Independent Automatic Balancing and Control
  • Direct mounting for larger size terminal units
  • Self-calibrating full stroke IP54-rated Electric Modulating or Raise Lower Actuator
  • Venturi metering station for accurate flow measurement at the terminal unit
  • Strainer at the terminal unit with integral ball valve for easy basket removal
  • Back flush and drain at the terminal unit
  • Heating & Cooling Duty -15˚C – +115˚C
  • Static pressure 25 Bar
  • Differential pressure up to 800 kPa depending upon PICV selection
  • Linear or equal percentage control characteristic
  • Actuator 360° mountable
  • Flow rates 0.240 – 3.79 l/s, 41 settings for superior accuracy
  • Line sizes DN25-50
  • Line size drain valve
  • Fully tested, labelled, cross-referenced to schedule, with QR code link to technical data
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