Fidelity Offices

Cannon Street | London | 2018

Fidelity World Class Fit Out for World Class Investment. Opposite St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London, this fit-out project for Fidelity International will create an inspiring work space – bringing people together through corporate, creative and social environments.


FloControl was selected to supply all PICV’s for Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units and Crac Units on short notice to fit in with the main contractor’s goal of delivering the entire fit out of the 8 storey building (108k sq ft) within 32 weeks.


FloControl supplied compact, pre-assembled PICV valve sets fitted with the FlowCon Mini Flushing Bypass, Green.0 or Green.1 PICV, each of which provides 41 different flow rates from 0.0103 – 0.308 l/s and metering station, handed for heating and cooling duty for 308 Fan Coil Units. Besides, pre-assembled valve sets fitted with the FlowCon 4-Union (80mm centres) and 2 Union Bypass (105mm centres), FlowCon Green.2 PICV (41 flow rates ranging from 0.240-1.29 l/s) and metering station were supplied for the larger terminal units. All valve sets were supplied with flushing cap for easy system flushing.

FloControl managed the complex call off schedule within the ambitious time line, with deliveries of valve sets and actuators to the Fan Coil manufacturer as well as the shipments of removable PICV inserts to site for installation after flushing had been completed, with flow rates set as specified, cross-referenced and labelled to the appropriate location.