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What Are Radiant Panels?

2 July 2024

The efficiency, comfort and reliability of a radiant panel means that they are fast becoming the go-to choice of new buildings, and renovations alike.

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Understanding Energy Valves

21 May 2024

We offer energy control valves that reduce the flow while maintaining the design temperature differential, resulting in energy savings. But what are the main reasons that new buildings should be implementing energy valves in their construction?

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Glycol, And Its Uses In Hydronic Systems

29 January 2024

This blog looks at glycol, a dihydric alcohol commonly used within HVAC applications. But what exactly is it, what functionality does it have a valve system, and how do you use it? We’ll explore all of this and determine the best methods of use along with why we opt for glycol in HVAC systems.

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PICV Failsafe Actuators: Power Back-Up vs. Mechanical Failsafe

19 January 2024

In general, there are two main categories of failsafe actuators. Mechanical and spring-loaded. This article looks at the disadvantages and advantages of failsafe styles, and how to pick the optimal actuator based on their failsafes.

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Embodied Carbon and What We’re Doing About It

2 June 2023

Beyond the operational stage of a building there is a less recognised factor that contributes to the whole life carbon (WLC) of a building – embodied carbon. This article explores what precisely it is, and what FloControl are doing about it.

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