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Embodied Carbon and What We’re Doing About It

2 June 2023

Beyond the operational stage of a building there is a less recognised factor that contributes to the whole life carbon (WLC) of a building – embodied carbon. This article explores what precisely it is, and what FloControl are doing about it.

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TRV Orientation – does it matter?

4 May 2023

Germany and the UK are the largest thermostatic radiator valve markets in Europe. A market predicted to grow significantly in the coming years. But did you know, that German system design differs from our approach in the UK?

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Smart Valves Explained

2 December 2022

Politicians and legislators are calling for greater energy efficiency of buildings. With HVAC systems being responsible for a large proportion of a building’s energy use, property owners focus on upgrading the hydronic systems. Smart Valves offer potential to boost heat exchanger efficiency. This article explores considerations when selecting Smart Valves for an application.

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What is Control Valve Authority?

6 October 2020

We’ve recently been asked to write about control valve authority – a challenge we happily take on! This post aims to clarify what authority is and why it is important for hydronic installations in building services.

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