Drag & Drop FloControl products directly into your specification

12 September

Over the past 5 years, digitisation has rapidly made inroads in the construction industry. Cloud services enable collaboration, increasing productivity and traceability, thereby reducing risk.

The NBS, who has been placing manufacturer’s products in front of specifiers since the 1970s has since digitised its services. Today, it offers in the cloud-based platform “NBS Source”, a library of manufacturer’s products, data sheets and BIM objects, for all aspects of a building, for specifiers to include in their designs. A single source of up-to-date, authored data and BIM objects. NBS Source fully integrates with NBS’ specification platform “Chorus”, offering specifiers a tool to quickly identify products and suppliers, compare products from different suppliers and brands, generate structured and high quality specifications, and drag BIM models to their designs. What’s more, designers can collaborate on projects and can generate templates, which can be used for new projects, thereby increasing productivity.

FloControl has recently joined NBS Source. Our FloSets, Dynamic, Smart Energy and General Valve ranges can now be found on NBS Source and if you have a Chorus subscription, you will be able to find our products through keyword search as and when you are specifying valves. Chorus users will be able to drag and drop a product into their specifications, automatically updating the specification text in an uniform way. Revit files can also be dropped into larger BIM models, saving engineers time and minimising errors.

On NBS, we concentrate on our product range relevant to heating and cooling systems. You will find our entire FloSet range, valve assemblies for terminal units, our FlowCon Pressure Independent Control Valves [PICV], Smart Energy Valves, Automatic Balancing Valves [Constant Flow Valves], and Differential Pressure Control Valves [DPCV], which are used in variable flow systems. Besides, there is our valve range relevant to constant flow systems, such as Double Regulating Valves [DRV] and Commissioning Valves. Lastly, there is a full range of General Valves from FlowCon IVC as well as a few very specific valve assemblies for End Of Line applications, Zone Control and for flow control in riser branches, which are available in PN16, PN25 and PN40.

In variable flow systems these days, apart from in the plantroom, the majority of valves are located at the terminal units. It is therefore essential to ensure that the correct valves are specified. The trend for terminal unit valves it to be pre-assembled offsite. FloControl was one of the first companies in the UK who offered pre-assembled valve sets for terminal units, such as Fan Coil Units, Radiant Panels, but also AHUs, CRAC units and Heat Exchangers, which we market under the label of FloSet. The FloSet range is the most versatile option for terminal units in the market, offering many variations, such as a wide range of actuators, piping, and connection options. Check out the range to assure that the best match for an application gets specified!

Interested? Check out our listing on NBS Source.