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Quick Guide how to identify FlowCon Removable PICV Inserts

28 February 2022

FlowCon offers the most flexible PICV solution for line sizes from 1/2″ – 1 1/4″, comprising a valve housing and a removable PICV insert. There are 7 different removable inserts, covering different flow rate and differential pressure ranges. Click on “READ More” to see our simple insert identification guide.

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Quick Guide How to install a FlowCon PICV Insert

1 April 2021

To make the life of installers, flushing specialists and commissioning teams a little easier when dealing with FlowCon PICVs, we have put together a quick guide how to install FlowCon PICV Valve inserts for an optimal performance, in the shortest possible time.

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Features of an effective radiator PICV valve

28 August 2020

With radiator PICV valves available from different manufacturers it can be challenging to select the best radiator PICV valve for an installation. So, what are the important valve features that drive flawless operation and maximise energy savings?

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