FloControl proud sponsor of BSRIA Briefing 2021

26 November

How excited we were last Friday to attend the BSRIA Briefing 2021 together with our guests!

The speaker line up was impressive, with BSRIA CEO Julia Evans OBE, and Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science at University College London setting the scene with information about the latest climate science evidence and summarising the outcome of the COP26 summit, and the choice each of us has to recognise the necessity of climate change and to act now.

Building on this thought, Georgia Elliot-Smith, Managing Director of environmental consultancy, Element Four and advocate of political activism to bring about change suggested that companies should incorporate the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into their business plans, to actively turn around the environmental crisis we have created.

The next two presentations were particularly close to our heart as they addressed heating & cooling issues in buildings. Dr Chris Manson-Whitton, Director of Progressive Energy Ltd, who manages the delivery of the HyDeploy project presented how hydrogen can act as an alternative energy source to supply low carbon heat. Prof. Graeme Maidment, Professor of Heating and Cooling at School of Engineering London South Bank University interestingly highlighted the lack of “green” technology for room air conditioning and proposed an industry response similar to the Covid 19 pandemic response.

Dr Kris de Meyer, a Research Fellow in neuroscience at King’s College London explained why it takes so long for humanity to change behaviours, which is down to intuitive behaviours that are much harder to change than cognition. Xavier de Kestelier, Principal and Head of Design at international design practice, HASSELL then presented his Nasa 3D-printed Habitat challenge, that demonstrates what is possible if sustainability is incorporated into design.

Over lunch, Reverend Richard Coles reinforced the key messages from the morning, driving home that the energy of activism and action can drive change.

A fascinating day and a lot of food for thought! A big thank you to BSRIA for hosting this inspiring live event. Just what we all needed after 2 years of zooming.

If you want to read more detail, please visit the designing buildings wiki.