Understanding Energy Valves

21 May

We’ve done a little bit of spring cleaning here at FloControl and one of our biggest changes is the introduction of our Energy Valves category. The Energy FIT and Energy G-FIT Systems are very popular products and are leading the way in new energy valves in building projects across the country. We offer energy control valves that reduce the flow while maintaining the design temperature differential, resulting in energy savings. But what are the main reasons that new buildings should be implementing energy valves in their construction?

Social Responsibility and Regulatory Compliance

There is wide-reaching mindset agreeing that new buildings and structures should be as environmentally friendly as possible, and there are a lot of green resources out there to help us accomplish this. At FloControl, we consider the environment and efficiency high priorities when designing an energy valve and helping to install them and we find that nearly all contractors and partners feel the same. With this mindset comes a self-imposed responsibility to the environment and to ensure that the valves we supply are of maximum efficiency to hit our energy targets. This in turn sets the bar for other new buildings, from which we get regulatory limits. In our industry’s attempts to bring down emissions and energy waste as much as possible, compliance with regulation maximums is a constant goal, and sets the way for even stronger energy savings further down the road.

It also can’t be ignored that environmental topics are in the news more than ever, and is constantly being brought to the eyes and ears of more and more people. With most builds visible at street level, it might be a reasonable thought to assume that people are asking “Will that new skyscraper be bad for the environment?”, to which we point people to the hard work we, and other partners and suppliers in the industry, have done to make sure the HVAC in all new buildings is as efficient as possible and our energy valves are of the highest quality for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

Smart Energy Valves are the perfect solution for efficient coil operation, monitoring, and remote control. Energy valves are able to measure the energy use, monitor the use of the coil and adjust the PICV Valve to deliver the design flow and temperature differential. The FlowCon Energy FIT System provides direct control of ΔT to reduce flow requirements and to heat and/or cool, and also to pump less water. All of this results in more comfort for the building occupants and overall energy savings. The Smart Energy Valve maintains correct flow despite pressure changes and guarantees that flow change and change in actuator position only occur when demand requirements change or ΔT is outside specification.

Readings of ΔT, ΔP, flow rate, energy, and flow at valve location through Bluetooth FlowCon App or analogue to BMS. The smart energy valve solution is compact, allowing for 360° installation with no piping restrictions. The energy valves are well suited for plant room and district heating applications, new builds, or retro fit. You can see the setup in the following image:

Cost Saving

There is of course the element of cost in all of this. Energy saving, while positive, green, and efficient, can often be expensive. However, when it comes to our energy valves such as our Energy FIT System, the cost of an efficient, effective energy valve is offset by its incredible long life and reliability. This ensures that engineers are not fixing and replacing valves more than necessary, and that the system can be relied on to deliver the right flow to the right places. This source of delivery ensures that it hits all of our energy goals and keeps the cost of running a building as low as possible.

This also applies to our commissioning valves. Our WRAS-Approved Bronze Commissioning Valve is very popular in air conditioning – a must-have for new skyscrapers and office blocks in partnership with our smart energy valves – and it is no good for anyone if they need replacing every year. A reliable valve needs little maintenance, no replacing at crucial moments and keeps tenants, occupiers and visitors to your buildings comfortable at all hours.

Innovation And Improvement

We are always delighted to see how our industry innovates and improves existing products, or sometimes just introduces brand new ones. It wasn’t long ago where our famous PICV was just a pipe dream (quite literally, pipes!) and now they are vital for plant rooms across a range of industries. The desire to improve and reduce emissions will continue, and it feels like every year we have a brand new building which pushes the boundaries on how efficient and green we can be in our industry. We always applaud the wonderful work of modern architects and to have our energy valves as part of this, it’s a very proud corner for us.

In summary, energy control valves are hugely important for new buildings and the demands of society, regulations and our own desires continue to push us towards greener and greener targets.