Tips how to set the flow rate on a FlowCon PICV

15 June

Following our recent Quick Guide publication “How to install a removable FlowCon PICV insert”, this post explains how to set the flow rate for the FlowCon Green PICV range for connection sizes from ½” up to 2”.

While setting a PICV is easy enough, we are conscious that installers deal with a great variety of PICV Valves every day, all with their own setting mechanisms, which differ from one another.

When the PICV is installed in the system or on a terminal unit, the next step is to set the PICV to the setting that corresponds with, or is closest to the design flow rate for that valve. The design flow rate will differ per valve. Look up the correct design flow rate in the schedule provided for the valve installation. Please keep in mind that our tips only apply to the FlowCon Green Pressure Independent Control Valves!

Set the flow rate on a FlowCon Green PICV in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Identify the valve you wish to set

From a setting perspective, there are 3 different Green PICV valve types:

1. The GreEQ.0, 1 & 2 and Green.0, 1 & 2 PICVs with removable inserts, with numbers 1 to 5 on the scale setting face and a small box showing numbers between 0 and 9. The number on the scale face is the first setting number and the number in the box is the decimal setting number. The pointer which can be lined up to the numbers on the face.

2. The Green.1HF (HighFlow) PICV with removable insert. The scale setting numbers of the Green.1HF are reversed. The number in the box is the first number and the number on the scale is the second, decimal number.

3. The Green.3 has a micrometer scale. The setting is read off against the marking on the top of the PICV.

The below table summarises the flow rate and differential pressure ranges for each valve as well as the control strategy.

If in doubt, pay attention to the different o-ring colours. The GreEQ.0 and Green.0 have grey o-rings. All other PICVs have black o-rings!

Step 2 – Select the maximum flow rate limitation

The flow rate and setting options are found in tables in the FlowCon GreEQ, Green.0-2 and Green.3 Tech Notes. The Green.0-2 Tech Notes also include the flow rates for the Green.1HF.

To set the appropriate maximum flow rate for any of the PICV valves, select the flow rate closest to the design flow rate and the corresponding setting.

Step 3- Set the default flow rate on the PICV 

By default, the insert will be supplied set to position 5, which is fully open, unless the valve was supplied pre-set.

The setting procedure is to turn the valve anticlockwise back to zero, and then turn clockwise to the selected setting. This procedure will improve the setting accuracy by taking out backlash from the micrometer gears. This applies to the first-time set or a re-set.

Please note that it is advisable to use the appropriate setting key to avoid turning past the end stops. If the setting key is not available, a meter box key or small spanner can be used, however extra caution should be used as to not turn past the end stops.

You have now successfully set the flow rate. Watch the video for more detail. Please contact us for any support questions you may have or if you wish to share your experience or tips.

Stay tuned: We will be publishing more “How To” posts and videos specific to FlowCon PICV Valves in typical UK applications in the coming weeks.