Proud to contribute to Cardiff’s Dragon’s Heart hospital

30 April

The requirements for the Dragon’s Heart hospital’s heating and cooling system differ significantly from regular Building Services specs. The temporary installation of mobile AHU’s in the hospital suites in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff require connections with quick release couplings, temperature measurement points and sensors. With support from our supply chain partners FlowCon and Hydravalve and the specialist mechanical services provider GD Mechanical Services Ltd. FloControl was able to design a solution, source specialist parts and to assemble the bespoke Automatic Balancing Valve Sets and connections to meet the requirements of the mobile equipment contractor.

A big thank you to everyone for the great collaboration and everyone’s invaluable input to create a solution for the Dragon’s Heart field hospital.

2″ & 4″ FlowCon ABV’s fitted with Female aluminium Cam Lock fitting and extension piece on the inlet and aluminium male Cam Lock fitting and extension piece on the outlet.


Image Credit: Dragon’s Heart Logo