Flowcon ENERGY Fit Range Extended

21 October

The FlowCon Energy FIT system, that has proven its energy saving capability based on pressure independent ΔT control in installations with flanged SM PICV Valves in the USA has now been extended to work in conjunction with the FlowCon Green PICV valve range Green.0, Green.1, Green.2 and Green.3.

Just to recap, the Energy FIT system provides monitoring, measuring, connectivity and control in one package including the PICV Valve with a user friendly actuator for flow, temperature and pressure control, a temperature and pressure sensor kit, the FlowCon Intelligent Interface for flow and energy metering as well as a Bluetooth-based App (Android & iOS) for monitoring at specific locations within a building and real-time analogue communication with the BMS system.

The Energy FIT system measures energy usage and adjusts the PICV Valve to deliver the design ΔT, optimising coil performance. The Pressure Independent Control Valve mechanically maintains the correct flow, regardless of pressure changes in the system, ensuring that flow will only change based on changing demand requirements or when the ΔT is outside of spec, resulting in less actuator movements and consequently a longer actuator life time.

By optimising ΔT, flow rate requirements may be reduced whilst achieving the same output, delivering energy savings, releasing more flow capacity and optimising occupant comfort.

What’s more, the system generate a wealth of data for building owners and facilities managers such as the actual ΔT, differential pressure across the PICV Valve, actual flow rate and the energy usage.

The Energy FIT System features include:

  • True pressure independent ΔT control
  • Full sizes range: DN15-DN250
  • Wide flow rate range: 0.0103-76.8 l/sec
  • A fully BACnet integrated solution, simplifying setting and monitoring
  • BACnet actuator on FIT-range including information directly from the FIT system back to the actuator display on T1, T2, ΔT and ΔP
  • Non-BUS modulating actuators as standard on FIT-G (failsafe or non-failsafe),
  • PT1000 temperature sensors
  • Different Sensor kit options

Contact us to discuss how the FlowCon FIT system can reduce the energy consumption in your building or check out the Tech Notes.