Covid-19 Impact on Business – Statement

13 March

With regard to concerns over potential supply issues as a result of the Corona virus outbreak, we have outlined below the status of deliveries by region as well as the measures we have put in place to limit disruption.


Due to the Corona virus outbreak in China, supply of product from this area has been delayed. The Chinese New Year break was extended. Manufacturing was partially resumed on the 24th of February, which has progressively improved over recent days. Internal travel and logistics, initially a problem, has seen improvement and the supply chain is now operational.

Europe & USA

With the virus spreading around the world, our European and US manufacturing partners are following advice from their local governments and the World Health Organisation regarding preventative measures, which includes reduced staff levels, working from home, and for parts manufactured the US, shipping embargos are in place.

As things stand today, the factories will continue to operate in line with these measures until they are instructed to do otherwise by their local governments. At this time, our European supply partners are still shipping as the transportation of goods is not subject to limitations and vehicles can enter, exit and move inside the restricted areas, in order to fulfil their transport requirements.

Notwithstanding, we anticipate that this will result in inevitable production slowdowns and delays in deliveries at some stage.


While the health and safety of our employees is paramount, we are devoted to honor our commitments to you. As yet, FloControl is fully operational at our site in Burnley. Driven by the Brexit uncertainties, FloControl had significantly increased its stock levels, which we have kept up since. For this reason, we will be able to service your requirements as normal, without any delay for some time. However, given the instability of the situation, we would encourage our customers to provide us with notification of any imminent orders as soon as possible. This would enable us to allocate product from stock and to assemble valve sets ahead of delivery schedules, which we can stock at our facility in Burnley until they are required on site.

Please note that until further notice all customer meetings will have to be conducted virtually. FloControl won’t be able to receive any visitors in our Burnley or London offices.

We trust this will provide some reassurance of our preparations for the coming weeks/months and helps you plan ahead. We will keep you informed should anything change.