8 Bishopsgate Part 1: Main Risers

London | 2021

The 51-storey tower in the heart of London’s financial district will offer 52,900m2 of office, retail and event space and public viewing gallery at the top. Sustainability has been a key design driver, aiming for a BREEAM outstanding rating. A challenging project from an M&E perspective!


The lower level riser pipework required high pressure Isolation Valves, capable of a positive shut off against a 40 bar differential pressure, whilst supporting the vertical riser pipework, without compromising the valve sealing integrity. The contractor was under pressure to finish the riser structure in a short time frame. Suppliers were quoting 18 weeks lead time which would’ve caused significant delays.


FloControl supplied over 130 High Performance Butterfly Valves, ranging from 65-450mm in diameter – a perfect solution for the application – which was supplied within approximately 8 weeks, meeting the contractor’s deadline.

The wafer design with a Double off-set Disc on the smaller sizes, and triple off-set on the larger valves, ensured positive shut-off, zero seat wear and a compact design. The Isolation Valves, up to 100mm in diameter, were supplied with a lever operator. Valves with a 150mm diameter and larger were supplied with gear operators, to ensure safe and reliable operation. The same exacting requirements applied to the Double Regulating and Commissioning Valves.

FloControl converted some of the standard High Performance Butterfly Valves into Double Regulating Valves, using a specially designed memory stop of the gear operator, to provide fine control, self locking, to overcome dynamic closure and deliver the Double Regulating Function. By adding a 40 bar orifice plate, FloControl could also offer a lightweight, space saving Commissioning Valve.

Matt Roberts, the Project Manager at Michael J Lonsdale says: “FloControl were amongst the only suppliers who could deliver the larger PN40 rated equipment. They have provided us with great support during the ongoing build sequence and assisted with resolving a number of installation challenges along the way”.