201 Deansgate

Manchester | 2020

Built in 1996/97 and situated in the heart of Manchester on the popular street of Deansgate, 201 Deansgate is a 5-storey office development offering over 68,000 sq. ft of prestigious office space. FloControl was selected to provide heating and cooling valve sets for the fan coil units in a recent refurbishment of levels 1, 2 and 4.


The client was looking for a solution that would work well with the existing constant flow strategy and that could be easily changed to work with a variable speed pump strategy in the future.


FloControl presented a FCU valve set solution that worked with the current pump strategy whilst also considering the upgrade to the variable flow strategy.

Over 350 valve sets were supplied to control the heating and cooling on the 4-pipe fan coil units. The FCU valve sets were fitted to Ability FCUs.

A major part of the solution is the interchangeable insert concept of FlowCon ABVs and PICVs, which enabled an easy and cost-effective switch to variable flow. The valve set remained in situ during the system upgrade 18 months later.

The initial constant flow solution had a pressure independent automatic balancing valve insert (no actuator) fitted in the valve housing, to limit the flow, eliminating overflows, and a 4-port control valve to divert the flow when no heating or cooling is required. The valve set also includes the necessary flushing bypass, metering station for flow measurement and drains (flow and return). The valve set has 40mm centres for direct mounting to the FCU above the drip tray avoiding the need for additional insulation.

When the system was changed to a variable flow, the ABV insert was simply replaced with a PICV insert and the modulating actuator was moved from the 4-port control valve, which was left installed, to the PICV avoiding re-wiring and draining the FCU.