Cannon Street | London | 2017

Opened in October 2017 in the City of London, Bloomberg’s new European headquarter is the world’s most sustainable office building, as designed. The building achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating against the BREEAM sustainability assessment method, with a 98.5% score.


FloControl was tasked to look at developing a manifold valve assembly, to channel conditioned air to the bespoke, integrated ceiling panels, which combine heating, cooling, lighting and acoustic functions in an innovative petal-leaf design, complimenting the pre-assembled valve sets FloControl was already supplying for fancoils and on the mains, AHUs, and Heat Exchangers.


In close collaboration with the customer FloControl designed, tested and supplied c.4800 distribution manifolds, fitted with FlowCon PICVs, static commissioning and balancing valves for zone control of the petal-leaf ceiling and flow rate balancing to groups of FCUs, Beams and Panels up to 50mm diameter.

FloControl also provided No-Leak Quick Release Couplings and Flexible Hoses in addition to the Data Centre Emergency Shut Down Valves. This project showcases the versatility of FloControl’s product assortment and capability to manufacture large-scale, project specific solutions to order.