8 Bishopsgate Part 3: Fan Coil Units

London | 2021/2022

The 51 storey tower in the heart of London’s financial district will offer 52,900m² of office, retail and event space. Sustainability has been a key design driver, aiming for a BREEAM Outstanding Rating. Only the most energy efficient technology will be considered to deliver on the BREEAM Outstanding Rating objective. As the building is rising off the ground, the M&E contractor starts working on the floors. Smaller sized butterfly valves are being installed on the Mains and Branches, as well as Ball Valves, for water and gas, PRVs and Thermal Balancing Valves, which FloControl delivers directly to the sub-contractors involved in the floor fit out. But a big decision has yet to be made. Who will supply the prefabricated valve assemblies for the fan coil units?


In line with the building’s sustainability design strategy, Belimo EPIVs were specified to be fitted on the Fan Coil Units. A space-saving flushing bypass assembly that incorporated the EPIV and fitted well over the drip tray of the Fan Coil Unit was required. The successful supplier had to work closely with the fan coil unit manufacturers to design the most compact, space saving configuration for the Fan Coil Unit of choice.


FloControl offers a prefabrication service, liasing with any Fan Coil manufacturer to work out the best-fitting configuration for the model selected, incorporating any control valve including the EPIV into a DZR ByPass configuration assembled with FlowCon component parts. When the selected Fan Coil Unit supplier recommended FloControl to be appointed the prefabrication partner for the 2500 valve assemblies for the entire building, the contractor was more than happy to consider the solution. FloControl was able to not only offer bespoke copper pipe connections, saving space, but also a reliable management process, for testing, pallet and product labelling as well as the call-offs.

Michael J Lonsdale Project Manager, Matt Roberts says:

“FloControl have offered a great deal of support in implementing the Belimo EPIV valve into their traditional configuration. They have collaborated with all parties providing bespoke fittings and played an instrumental part in the final mock up with the FCU supplier.”