FloControl is the exclusive distributor of the innovative FlowCon Pressure Independent Control Valve, also known as PIC Valve (PICV Valve). FlowCon International invented the PICV and is the world’s largest specialised manufacturer of dynamic balancing and pressure independent control valves for the HVAC segment. Their continuous commitment to and investment in R&D has resulted in the widest range of dynamic balancing valves and the largest dynamic and PICV installation base with over 10M valves installed in over 60 countries around the globe.

The Pressure Independent Control Valve (PIC Valve or PICV Valve) is widely used in heating and cooling applications due to its accuracy and energy saving potential. The FlowCon PICV Valve Function offers 100% control authority for all flow conditions that is with a programmable choice of either linear or equal percent control characteristic. Flow balancing of the system is automatic and independent of pressure change within the system.

The PICV range includes two PIC Valve families, which are both tested to BSRIA PICV Valve standards. The Green range, which offers flexibility and serviceability through the removable PICV insert up to the Green.2, and the SM range covering sizes up to 250mm. The system efficiency can be improved by accurately maintaining differential temperature across a branch or terminal unit to maximise the energy saving by introducing the FlowCon FIT Intelligent Interface and App in systems where the Green or SM ranges are installed.

Pressure Independent Control Valves are easy to select, set, commission and service, due their flexibility, user-friendly setting, and low minimum ΔP. The repeatability of the FlowCon PICV is one of the best in the market due to low hysteresis.

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