Smart FlowCon Green PICV with Modbus and BACnet Actuator

The small, compact FlowCon range of mechanical PICVs offers now bus communication with the BMS, enabling constant monitoring (flow, temperature and energy), fast error detection in the circuit and remote set up. Choice of either BACnet or Modbus. Provides life statistics plus all the benefits of the Green Pressure Independent Control Valve range, 100% authority, full pressure independency, linear and equal percentage control, wit flow rates starting from 0.005 l/s, which makes this valve the preferred choice for energy efficient applications.

Smart FlowCon Green PICV with Modbus and BACnet Actuator

Pressure rating: 25 Bar
Temperature rating: -20°C/120°C
Sizes: 1/2″- 1 1/2″ Female threaded & union

Body Materials:

  • Forged Brass ASTM CuZn40Pb2
  • DZR

Elastomers: EPDM
Removable PICV Insert range:

  • GreEQ.0 0.00482 – 0.126 l/s
  • GreEQ.1 0.00764 – 0.224 l/s
  • Green.0 0.0103 – 0.160 l/s
  • Green.1 0.0178 – 0.308 l/s
  • Green.1HF 0.172 – 0.736 l/s
  • Green.2 0.240 – 1.290 l/s

FlowCon FN.0.2-BUS Actuator 24V AC/DC ±10%, 50/60 Hz with failsafe, manual override and position indicator, RTU slave.