FlowCon Energy FIT System

Smart Energy Valves are the ideal solution for efficient coil operation, monitoring and remote control. Energy valves measure the energy use, monitor coil performance and adjust the PICV Valve to deliver the design flow and temperature differential. The FlowCon Energy FIT System provides direct control of ΔT to reduce flow requirements and to heat/cool and pump less water, resulting in increased occupant comfort and energy savings.  The Smart Energy Valve maintains correct flow despite pressure changes and guarantees that flow change and change in actuator position only occur when demand requirements change or ΔT is outside specification.

Readings of ΔT, ΔP, flow rate, energy and flow at valve location through Bluetooth FlowCon App or analogue to BMS. The smart energy valve solution is compact, allows for 360° installation with no piping restrictions. The energy valves are well suited for plant room and district heating applications, new builds or retro fit.

FlowCon Energy FIT System
FlowCon Energy FIT System
FlowCon Energy FIT System

The FlowCon Energy FIT System includes:

A FlowCon SM PICV (1/2″ – 2″, threaded), (65-250mm, flanged)

  • FIT.1 = 1/2″ – 1″ PN25 (0.176-0.685 l/s)
  • FIT.2 = 1″ – 2″ PN25 (0.513-2.34 l/s)
  • FIT.3 = 65-80mm PN40 (1.48-9.89 l/s)
  • FIT.4 = 80-10mm PN40 (3.49-20.2 l/s)
  • FIT.5 = 125-150mm PN40 (6.48-29.5 l/s)
  • FIT.6 = 200-250mm PN40 (9.21-76.8 l/s)

A FlowCon (display) actuator (with or without failsafe function)

A sensor kit including 2 temperature sensors and 2 pressure sensors

The FlowCon Intelligent Interface

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