Downstream Pressure Reducing & Stabilising Control Valve

The DNS XLC globe-pattern hydraulically-operated automatic control valves reduce and stabilise the downstream pressure to a constant value, regardless of variation in demands and upstream pressure conditions. Equipped with visual position indicator and entirely made in ductile cast iron with FBT epoxy coating and stainless steel, the valve is designed to reduce head loss, throttling noise and cavitation damage. The DNS pressure reducing stabilising valves are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Downstream Pressure Reducing & Stabilising Control Valve

Application: Treated water
Max. working temperature: 70°C
Min. operating pressure: 0.7 bar
Max. operating pressure: 25 bar


  • 80-300mm Reduced Bore
  • 50-300mm Full Bore


  • Ductile Cast Iron, FBT Epoxy coating
  • Stainless steel


Technical Notes