Quick Guide how to identify FlowCon Removable PICV Inserts

28 February

All our valves incorporated in a FloSet (pre-fabricated valve assembly for a terminal unit) are labelled meticulously. Check whether there is a label on the FloSet. The insert name & max. flow rate setting can be found on the label.

Inserts for valves supplied loose can be identified based on the size, colour of the face and the little O-ring at the top.

There are 5 different 20mm inserts that fit housings with 1/2″ – 1″ connections. These are mostly used on Fan Coil Units and other smaller terminal units.


There are 2 different 40mm inserts that fit housings with 1″ – 1 1/4″ connections. These are mostly used on larger terminal units or within the system.


Removable PICV inserts offer many benefits:

  • The valve housing can be installed with blank cap so that flushing can be completed without risk of contaminating or damaging the PICV.
  • In a working system inserts can be extracted without removing the valve.
  • Inserts can be removed and flushed.
  • Inserts can be exchanged if design requirements change.

Check out the Tech Notes and Instructions for more details.