Double Regulating Butterfly Valve

Fully lugged ductile iron Butterfly Valve with bonded EPDM liner and stainless steel trim, fitted with gear operator for infinitely variable settings and stainless steel memory stop feature (DRV) to precisely set and retain the desired maximum opening position differential pressure. Once set, the valve can be closed and re-opened accurately to the pre-set differential pressure.

The Double Regulating Butterfly Valve is a commercially attractive option compared to traditional Globe-style Double Regulating Valves. The Butterfly Valve concept is space saving and easier to support when weight is a concern. The Double Regulating Butterfly Valve is also available in large sizes up-to and including 600mm diameter. Pressure/Temperature plugs are provided to measure ΔP, which are to be installed in the pipework on either side of the valve.

Double Regulating Butterfly Valve
  • PN16/ PN25 Double Regulating Flanged Gear Operated Butterfly Valve
  • Temperature range -15°C to 120°C
  • Sizes: 65 – 600mm, larger sizes available on request
  • Robust and easy to install and operate fully lugged gear operated Butterfly Valve
  • Easy to set accurately, positive position and reset memory stop feature
  • Light weight and low cost