FloSet Compact: Fill, Vent and Flushing Procedure

14 July

Following our recent tutorials, this tutorial will go through the FloSet Flushing procedure, explaining how to fill, vent and flush Fan Coil Unit Installations with FloSet Compact, PICV and Bypass assemblies. The procedure applies to FloSet Compact with and without a strainer.

System Fill and Flush:
Firstly, ensure the bypass valves 1 and 4 are in the correct position with the long handle facing the system along the pipe. Fill the system then increase the flow velocity to the specified flow for the system flush.

Total isolation:
Once the system flush is complete, isolate the system by turning the Flushing By-Pass Valve 4 clockwise into the isolation position, with the long handle facing towards the Fan Coil Unit. Then turn the isolation valve 1 anti-clockwise with the handle facing towards the Fan Coil Unit for total isolation.

Fill and Vent:
To vent the Fan Coil Unit, firstly open hose drain 3 and the air vent situated on the Fan Coil Unit. To fill, slightly open Flushing By-Pass Valve 1 slowly, to fill the unit. Close drain 3 and Fan Coil Unit vent when the circuit is filled.

Stage 1- Terminal Forward Flushing with Insert Fitted:
Connect hose to hose drain valve 3 and then open hose drain valve 3. Then slowly open By-Pass valve 1 and flush to external drain. Once the forward flush of the Fan Coil Unit is complete, close By-Pass valve 1.

Stage 2- Return Branch Draining with Insert Fitted:
The hose should still be fitted to the hose drain valve 3. To back-drain, crack the By-Pass valve 4 to clear the remaining branch between the PICV and the By-Pass at low velocity. Then close By-Pass valve 4. Lastly, close drain valve 3 and remove hose.

The system is now operational.

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