Composite materials increase the efficiency of PICVs

26 March

PICVs are favoured in HVAC systems due to their accurate pressure independent control with 100% authority at all times, providing precise temperature control with minimal energy consumption.

The accuracy of the PICV is essential to minimise the energy consumption. As greater the PICV accuracy, as higher the energy savings! The manufacturing process and sub-component materials used are critical contributors to deliver a highly accurate PICV Valve.

Valves in HVAC installations are exposed to scale forming over time, chemicals and dirt. The complexity of the valve internal design is high. Composites can be designed to cope with the conditions the valve is exposed to. Besides, the manufacturing process of composite sub-components allows for the highest precision and consistency. FlowCon, who is manufacturing PICVs with Composite internals since 1993, has measured over time that 1% increased PICV accuracy relates to a reduction of approximately 0,5% in the building’s overall HVAC energy consumption!

To read the full review, please download the FlowCon White Paper on this topic!